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The Accountant

Accounting for small businesses is an important function that should not get overlooked. The accounting function encompasses three broad categories of necessary tasks: Recording the financial transactions ie: Bookkeeping. Classifying these transactions: Current Assets...

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C&M Bookkeeping, LLC

What We Do - and Don't Do   We give our clients a competitive advantage by specializing in providing professional bookkeeping and payroll services. We are an outsourced yet personalized option offering these two services while being very dedicated to timeliness,...

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Double Entry Bookkeeping

Single Vs. Double Entry Bookkeeping Most people have used a check register to track their checking or savings account transactions, both deposits and withdrawals. Your checking account register is the best example of a single-entry bookkeeping system. You track your...

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Reno Small Business Resources

There are many resources for the aspiring entrepreneur to utilize in the Biggest Little City. We have a great outreach team up at The University of Nevada, Reno, College of Business through the Small Business Development Center. We have access to the free business...

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P&L Accounting Margins

Here are 2 Income Statement (P&L) Accounting Margins For Small Business Owners Profit & Loss (P&L) Statement Margins: Gross Profit Margin (GPM) = Gross Profit (GP) / Revenue GPM is a metric telling a business what the ratio of Revenue minus COGS (Cost of Good Sold)...

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